May we introduce ourselves?


 We are Tanja and Roelof


Roelof has been  a very enthusiastic sailor all his life and shared this passion with Tanja when they met 30 years ago.

With our children we have spent fantastic sailing holidays in the Mediterranean ( Greece, Turkey and Italy). Because of our love for the sailing, it was always our greatest desire to find a house near a lake. When the children went to live on their own, we finally found the right location: Woubrugge, not far from Voorhout where we used to live.

Tanja has a background in tourism and loves to meet new people. She currently works as a teacher NT2 (teacher Dutch for foreigners)where she works with international students from various (cultural) backgrounds.  Running a guest house was the next natural step.

In 2017 we built our new house in the same style and on the very location where once one of the oldest houses of Woubrugge was situated: at the Comriekade. This was the perfect spot to build a holiday chalet, to put our ideas into practice and to build it in such a way that the privacy of both the guests and ourselves was safeguarded. So far, the story of Woubrugge Logies. 

Roelof recently  finished  his teaching  career after having worked as a math teacher at a high school for 40 years. During the summer periods he used to work as an instructor at a sailing school in Friesland and nowadays he loves to give sailinglessons to our guests in our open sailing boat. (You will find more information about sailing lessons or relaxing sailing under 'sailinging lessons/sailing along').